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IRS Form 1098-T: Important Update

Enrollment Services is working diligently to provide you and your family the annual Form 1098-T that the IRS requires Cincinnati Christian University to communicate qualified tuition and related expense payments, scholarships and grants, and/or prior year adjustments. For 2018, the IRS made significant changes to its reporting requirements.  While we have been validating our internal data, we have also been monitoring the dialogue that other institutions and our software provider have exchanged to verify that the new format is properly executed. The software provider has installed a number of patches, since the beginning of January. We continue to make sure that those patches also address our ability to provide you a correct form the first time.
Thank you for your patience, and we will not delay issuing Form 1098-T any longer than necessary.
Randy S. Koehler, II
Vice President of Finance and Administration
Cincinnati Christian University
Ph: 513.244.8449
Fax: 513.244.8453

Spring 2019 Billing Information Available

If you are registered for Spring 2019 classes, your charges are available through Student Account Center. Check your account to be sure that any balance remaining from Fall 2018 is paid and registration blocks are cleared.

Payment arrangements for the Spring 2019 semester were due January 8, 2019.* Arrangements include financial aid (scholarships, grants and loans) and payment plans. 

  • New students: (enrolling first time in Spring 2019): File your FAFSA for 2018-19 now. You'll be using your 2016 tax information. Turn in any additional financial aid documents that have been requested by Enrollment Services. 
  • Returning students: If you filed the FAFSA and completed your financial aid arrangements for Fall, you don't need to file it again.
  • If applicable, submit Family Grant Application.
  • Share access to the Student Account Center with your parent or other interested party and update your Student Account Refund Preferences.
  • Check out Enrollment Services information for new and returning students (menu on the left). You'll find checklists and information to help you apply for financial aid and complete your payment arrangements.
  • Book ordering: Books can be ordered through our virtual bookstore, eCampus. If you will be using financial aid to purchase your books and supplies, use the online transfer request.

*CALL Students must complete payment arrangements by the start of their first class in Spring 2019.

Reminder - Change in Prepaid Cards

It was announced in October that the card issuer for CCU's Prepaid Cards had selected a new banking partner. Students with Prepaid Cards issued by MetaBank received an email on 10/22/18 notifying them of the change and that the Prepaid Card would be closed, effective December 15, 2018. The email included a list of important dates for the transition and steps to be taken to receive remaining balances from the card.

If you have a Prepaid Card issued by MetaBank with unused funds, a check for the unused fund balance will be mailed to you by January 31, 2019. If you need to update your address, please log onto your card account at the website listed on the back of your card. You may also call a Customer Support Representative at 1-888-373-7905 if you have additional questions regarding the closure of the Prepaid Card Accounts. 

All students should log into the Student Account Center to review and update (if necessary) their refund preference.



Set this up by logging into the Student Account Center. Click on the arrow next to the welcome message and select "User Preferences". Scroll down to "Manage Notifications" and select "Edit". Add your cell phone number and check the boxes for "mobile".