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It's not too early to enroll in a payment plan!  surprised

The benefit of starting your payment plan now is smaller, monthly payments. You can choose a 5-month payment plan if you begin in June. If you wait until the July to begin your payment plan, you'll only have 4 months to pay. Visit the Student Account Center for additional information and complete your enrollment. The cost for the monthly payment plan is $35 per semester.

Preparation for Fall 2018

It won't be long before you return to campus. Don't forget to plan your finances by following this checklist:

  • File your FAFSA for 2018-19.  You'll be using your 2016 tax information.
  • Turn in any additional financial aid documents that have been requested by Enrollment Services.
  • Estimate your charges and create a plan for payment using a downloadable worksheet (See Forms & Links: Fall 2018 - Est Charges/Plan for Payment).
  • Enroll in a payment to spread payments across the semester. Make your first payment by June 25 for a 5-month plan.
  • Check your account using the online Student Account Center to be sure you don't have a remaining balance from Spring.
  • Share access to the Student Account Center with your parent or other interested party.
  • Bills will be posted to the Student Account Center in July and you'll receive an email notification.
  • Complete payment arrangements are due by August 13, 2018.  This would include financial aid (scholarships, grants and loans) and payment plans. 
  • NOTE: If you are moving onto campus prior to August 13, your payment arrangements must be completed prior to your move-in day.

Check out the new Enrollment Services pages for New and Returning Students (menu on the left). You'll find checklists and information to help you apply for financial aid and complete your payment arrangements for next semester.

Fall Textbooks Available through eCampus