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Fall 2017 Payment

Payment arrangements for the Fall semester were due August 7, 2017.*  Arrangements include financial aid (scholarships, grants and loans) and payment plans. 

  • File your FAFSA for 2017-18.  You'll be using your 2015 tax information.
  • Turn in any additional financial aid documents that have been requested by Enrollment Services.
  • Share access to the Student Account Center with your parent or other interested party.

Book ordering: Books can be ordered through our virtual bookstore, eCampus.  If you will be using financial aid to purchase your books and supplies, use the online transfer request.  

*CALL Students must complete payment arrangements by the start of their first class for Fall 2017.


CCU Student Account Center

CCU's Student Account Center (SAC) portal provides comprehensive student account information for you, your parents*, or other authorized users*. The SAC integrates directly with our student accounting system and provides real-time student account information.  For additional information click here.
When new bills are posted to the SAC you'll receive an email notification.  Email notifications will also be sent to any individuals with whom you've shared access to the SAC.
Fall 2017 Semester Bills have been posted to the Student Account Center
* In order to comply with FERPA regulations, you must first grant account access to parents or other authorized users. Once access is granted, parents and other users will receive an invitation email containing activation instructions.

1098-T Tuition Statements for 2016

1098-T Tuition Statements for the 2016 tax year have been mailed to each student's legal home address.
If you have moved or your legal home address has changed, but you have not notified CCU, your form may be forwarded by the Post Office or it may be returned to CCU. Statements returned without a forwarding address will be held at CCU Enrollment Services. Please contact us to provide address information if you do not receive your 1098-T form. 
Note:  We are not required to furnish a 1098T form or report information for the following:
  • Students whose qualified tuition and related expenses are paid entirely with scholarships  
  • Nonresident alien students, unless requested by the student
Click on Students Accounts (left menu) to view My 1098-T. You must be logged into MyCCU to access this page. This page will provide the information reported in Box 2 (Amounts billed for qualified tuition and related expenses) and Box 5 (Scholarships or grants) for the 2016 tax year and previous years you were enrolled at CCU.