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Loan Adjustment Request Form 2016-2017 (.pdf, 321K)
Title IV Authorization Form - Student (.pdf, 178K)
Title IV Authorization Form - Parent (.pdf, 104K)
FERPA Waiver (.pdf, 184K)
Verification Worksheet 2016-2017 (.pdf, 441K)

Complete this form only if it is one of the required documents requested for your 2016-2017 financial aid. You also must complete this form if you are submitting a Special Circumstances Appeal.

Household Resources Verification Form 2016-2017 (.pdf, 312K)
Verification Worksheet 2017-2018 (.pdf, 457K)

Complete this form only if it is one of the documents requested for your 2017-2018 financial aid.

Verification Policies & Guidelines 2017-2018 (.pdf, 592K)
Family Grant Application (.pdf, 382K)
Full-Time Minister Grant (.pdf, 330K)
Bible College Staff & Campus Minister Grant Application (.pdf, 341K)
Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal Form (.pdf, 283K)
Statement of Intent to Return (.pdf, 270K)
Fall 2017 - Est Charges/Plan for Payment (.xls, 78K)

College Students: This is an Excel worksheet that you can download.  Use this form to estimate your costs for Fall 2017 (tab 1) and create a plan for payment (tab 2).

International Student Payment Information (.pdf, 239K)

Information for international students about billing procedures and available payment methods.

International Student Sponsor Information Form (.pdf, 179K)

International students are required to submit this form annually to provide sponsor information.  Deadline is July 1.

Private Education Loan Self-Certification (.pdf, 195K)
2016-17 Tuition & Fees (.pdf, 732K)

Complete schedule of tuition & fees for 2016-17

W-9S Request for Student's Taxpayer ID Number (.pdf, 227K)

In order to comply with IRS requirements to report tuition payments and other information on Form 1098-T, CCU needs to collect student' taxpayer identification numbers (TINs). For most students, their TIN is their Social Security number (SSN). Students who are not eligible for an SSN may have an individual taxpayer identification number, known as an ITIN. Under Federal law, students are required to provide the requested information. Form W-9S should be submitted to the Registrar's Office at CCU.  

USA Funds Life Skills Student Guide (.pdf, 219K)

All CCU students now have access to USA Funds® Life Skills®, a free online learning program that offers advice for managing your time and money wisely while on campus and after graduation. This Student Guide provides basic information about the tool and outlines the steps necessary to access and complete lessons available to you.

Insurance Claim Form/Group Accident 2015-16 (.pdf, 61K)

Claim Form for Group Accident Policy effective 8/13/15 - 8/12/16

Insurance Summary/Group Accident Insurance 2015-16 (.PDF, 174K)

Plan summary for Group Accident Policy 2015-16

Insurance Summary/Intercollegiate Sports Accident Policy 2015-16 (.PDF, 174K)

Plan summary for Intercollegiate Sports Accident Policy 2015-16

Insurance Summary/Group Accident Insurance 2016-17 (.pdf, 114K)

Plan summary for group accident policy for 2016-17

Insurance Summary for Intercollegiate Sports Plan 2016-17 (.pdf, 250K)

Plan Summary for ICS Policy 2016-17

Insurance Claim Form/Group Accident Insurance 2016-17 (.pdf, 472K)

Claim Form for Group Accident Policy effective 8/1/16 to 8/1/17

Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print PDF files.