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CCU's Student Account Center (SAC) portal provides access to comprehensive student account information for you, your parents and other authorized users. The SAC integrates directly with our student accounting system and provides real-time updates to your student account, along with up-to-the minute balance information.


                  CCU Student Account Center

Students select "Login with school credentials". Use the same username and password that you use for your CCU email. After logging into the SAC, you will be able to:

  • View account summary and real-time activity data - available 24/7, including pending and posted financial aid
  • View Billing Statements
  • Pay your bill. Options include one-time payment or enrollment in a semester payment plan.*
  • Share account access with your parent, spouse or other individuals. Select "Manage Account Access."
  • Manage Refunds. Select your refund preference, view prior refunds and the status of refunds in process.

*Some students will not be able to open payment plans via the SAC. If you are unable to do this, contact CCU Enrollment Services for assistance with this option.

Your refund will be direct deposited to a bank account of your choice. A check will be mailed to your legal home address if you do not select a refund method and enter your account information, which may delay access to your funds. By submitting your bank information for the direct deposit, you will not have to wait for the mail and make a trip to the bank.
Enrollment Services processes student account refunds each week on Thursday. It is unnecessary for you to request a refund. Processed refunds will be available to you on Thursday or Friday, depending on your refund method and/or the individual practice of your banking institution.
Refunds are not processed for anticipated credit balances. 

Students may elect the prepaid card refund option until October 16, 2019. No new TMS-issued prepaid cards will be issued after this date. No refunds will be issued to a TMS-issued prepaid card after November 1, 2019.

All students should log into the Student Account Center to review and update (if necessary) their refund preference.