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Security personnel have authority to enforce campus traffic policies, to request identification of any person on campus, to escort unauthorized persons from campus if necessary, to detain persons in violation of the law, and to fulfill such other responsibilities as may be appropriate in securing the campus.
Contact Information
Phone: 513.244.8437
Patrol Car: 513.383.2144
Call 911 in the event of an emergency. 
Safety & Security Office Hours
Monday- Friday 7am- 3pm 
A Campus Patrol Car is on duty every day of the week and can be called at anytime for assistance.

Campus crime and security issues are very minimal due to careful and thorough campus security measures. Campus security and Cincinnati Police officers patrol the campus regularly.  CCU is also protected by the use of security cameras that monitor activity on campus. Students living on campus are given access codes to the main door of their residence hall.  They may also contact Campus Security to be admitted to the hall and proper identification is required.  The residence halls and other campus buildings have an announced closing hour during the year, exceptions to the posted times must be approved by either the Student Life Office or Hall Coordinators in advance of a scheduled event.  

Campus security is the responsibility of the entire CCU community.  It is therefore important for members of the community to report any and all questionable incidents. Crimes that occur on campus are to be reported immediately to the Director of Safety and Security (513.244.8437). Victims or witnesses of criminal activities are directed to complete an Incident Report, which details the facts surrounding the crime.  Report forms are available in the Safety & Security office, through residential staff, or in the Student Life office. In cases involving violation of local, state, or federal laws, the Cincinnati Police are notified for appropriate follow up. The University cooperates fully with any investigations conducted by proper authorities.  In the event of a crime that poses a threat to the campus community, notice is made through the University’s regular announcement sheet and bulletins placed in high traffic areas of the campus and the Rave Alert system.



The RAVE Alert System  allows CCU students, family, friends, as well as faculty, staff and administration to receive emergency text, voice, and email notifications. The system allows a “CCU Alert” to be sent to your cell phone as a text-message, an e-mail to your e-mail address, and/or a voicemail message if you choose.
This System is meant to be used for emergency and significant event notification only.  The message may alert you to an emergency situation such as weather warnings including flash flood, severe thunderstorm, winter storm, and tornado warnings, as well as school closings and emergencies on the campus.  The messages are short and meant only as an initial notification.  For more detailed information, CCU uses redundant systems of emergency notification such as message notification via telephone, CCU Webpage, e-mail, radio, and person-to person contact to distribute news and instructions during an emergency.
Click here to register for the RAVE Alert System.


The university provides a limited number of parking spaces for student use. Failure to adhere to parking rules and policies may result in the revocation of parking privileges. Parking regulations are in effect 24 hours per day 7 days a week.

Parking Regulations

  • Lot 1, east of Presidents Hall, is faculty/staff parking only Monday - Friday 8:00AM - 5:00PM. Students may park in this lot after 5pm.
  • Lot 3, behind Worship/Ministry, is faculty/staff parking only. Female CALL students may park in this lot after 5pm with the proper permit.
  • Commuting students (all divisions) must park ONLY in Lot 2 (west of Presidents Hall) or in Lot 5, the North lot by the soccer field.
  • Residents of Restoration Hall must park ONLY in Lot 4 behind Restoration Hall; or in Lot 5, the North lot by the soccer field.
  • Parking in the fire lane or reserved spaces is prohibited.
  • Temporary parking for loading and unloading purposes is permitted in front of residence halls. Motor vehicles must have their warning flashers on. The allowable time for loading or unloading is limited to the amount of time it actually takes to move the item(s) from the vehicle to the residence hall lobby or vice versa and is not to exceed 5 minutes. An individual should be present who can move the vehicle in an emergency situation.

Non-compliance with the above stated rule may result in a citation being issued and the vehicle being towed at the owner’s expense.

Vehicle Registration Permit

Vehicle permits are issued annually. Each student who will be operating a motor vehicle on campus at any time must have and properly display a parking permit. Improperly displayed permits are invalid and will be charged a $35.00 fine. All previous CCU permits must be removed from the vehicle. Permit owners are responsible for all violations charged to their permit. Permits must be updated as student status changes (i.e. marriage, change in residence, change of license plate). 

Pre-order your parking pass by clicking HERE

I left my key in my room. Can you let me in?

Please try your RA first.  If you cannot locate your RA, we will let you into your room. You must have another student with you for us to open your door. Please have your student ID ready.


I lost my decal. How much is a replacement?

There is no charge for replacement decals. You may get a new one from the Security Office.


Where are AEDs located?

Presidents Hall: at the entrance to the Student Services Wing.

Crouch: outside the Grad Lounge.

Worship and Ministry: in the cove by the elevator.

All current CCU undergraduate students are required to complete a Security Form and are responsible for updating information as in changes.

To complete an online CCU Security Form or to update your information, please click HERE.

Or download the CCU Security Form and return it to the Safety & Security Office.