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Disability Services are available through Student Services for any student with a long-term or short-term physical or learning disability that requires accommodations. To qualify, you will be required to provide documentation from a qualified professional. For more information about accommodations or if you need services, please make an appointment with Student Services.

To learn more, check out our Guide to Disability Services.

Contact Information
Ray Horton- Director of Student Services
Phone: 513.244.8420

Notification of Disability

It is the responsibility of the student to notify the school of his or her disability and to follow the process for requesting appropriate auxiliary services and academic adjustments.
  1. Students entering CCU should submit a written request for disability services to Student Services after admission into Cincinnati Christian University. A current student who discovers the need for accommodations may submit a request at any point during his or her academic career.
  2. Along with the written request for services, the student must provide documentation of the disability. This documentation must be prepared by a medical doctor, psychologist, or other qualified diagnostician as appropriate.
  3. Complete documentation should include a diagnosis of the current disability, the date of this diagnosis, how the diagnosis was reached, the credentials of the diagnosing professional, how this diagnosis affects a major life activity, and how the disability affects the student’s academic performance.
  4. If available, the student should submit other documentation such as an Individualized Educational Program (IEP) or a section 504 plan from high school. CCU prefers these plans to be dated within three years of submission.