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Online Forms

Mandatory Incoming Student Form

All Incoming Students must fully complete the Mandatory Incoming Student Form before their Orientation Day. This form collects each student's contact information, housing request, safety & security information, food allergy information, and vaccination status.

Residential Housing & Roommate Request

Students who would like to live in the CCU Residence Halls are required to complete this form. 

Commuter Declaration Form

Students who wish to be considered for Commuter Status must meet the qualifications outlined in the CCU Student Handbook.

Disclosure of Vaccination Form

The state of Ohio requires all institutions of higher education to have a disclosure of vaccination status on file for Meningococcal (Meningitis) and Hepatitis B. Please note that Ohio law does not require vaccination of the student, nor does it require the institution to provide or pay for vaccines. The law requires only disclosure of vaccination status of the student.

Food Allergy Form

All students are required to complete a Food Allergy Form for Dining Services.

Safety & Security Form

All students are required to be registered with the CCU Safety & Security Department.

Housing Policy Appeal Form

Appeals for exemption from the CCU Housing Policy may be submitted for review to the Student Affairs Committee. All appeals should be submitted in writing by submitting the Housing Policy Appeal Form.

Student Advocacy Request Form

This form is a tool to assist with formal appeals not covered by existing policies. CCU is committed to address and resolve each concern as quickly and efficiently as possible.

FERPA Directory Information: Non-Disclosure Form

If any current CCU student does not want directory information to be disclosed, he or she must notify Student Services of the specific information not to be released by completing the FERPA Directory Information: Non-Disclosure Form.

Visitor Housing Reservation Request

Women who have any questions or concerns regarding visitor housing should contact

Men who have any questions or concerns regarding visitor housing should contact


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