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CCU’s traditional undergraduate Spiritual Formation Program seeks to integrate classroom and co-curricular experiences that encourage individual students to develop in their faith and commitment and to evidence this commitment in their choices and lifestyle. Because spiritual formation is a highly individual lifelong journey, CCU’s Spiritual Formation Program seeks to expose students to a range of growth opportunities while allowing them freedom to focus on activities that are most personally meaningful. Ultimately, the program seeks to help students develop a comprehensive biblical worldview and faith practice that will undergird their personal and professional lives after graduation. 

CCU encourages students to view the Spiritual Formation Program and its individual components as structured experiences that provide a framework for the exploration of personal faith and values, with the goal of developing a lifelong discipline of love for God and one’s neighbor. The program does not attempt to measure spirituality or personal commitment, and participation in its various activities should not be taken as the substance of one’s faith but rather as a venue for the growth and expression of faith.

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Tuesdays at 10:30 am (WM Chapel)
Morning Show and Breakfast at 10 am
Wednesdays at 10 pm (WM Chapel)
Small Groups
These times vary, but many meet on Thursdays at 10 am, which is an open block in everyone's schedule.