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The Office for Student Involvement is dedicated to helping students build friendships and make memories that will last a lifetime. An integral part of our office is the Student Activities Board (SAB), which is the primary student group in charge of bringing the fun and crazy events to CCU's campus. In addition, Student Involvement funds and facilitates the various Student Organizations on campus and oversees the Spiritual Development Plan. In summary, Student Involvement does what they can to be sure every CCU student has fun, grows spiritually, and finds a place where they belong.

Contact Information
Roger Bishop- Student Involvement Coordinator

At CCU, the spiritual life of every student is a core part of our missional focus. We want to be sure that every student who attends CCU strives for and achieves spiritual growth during their time on this campus. Here are some of the things we do to make that happen:

Corporate Worship

Chapel takes place every Tuesday & Thursday morning. This worship service involves students leading worship, mission moments, and the opportunity to be challenged by various speakers from campus and from churches around the country.

”Family” is an all-student-led program that occurs on Wednesday nights. It involves contemporary worship experiences and sermons planned and lead by CCU students in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Other worship opportunities include the CBS graduate “Forum” services, held weekly at 11:00 am on Tuesdays in Foster Hall and other weekly student-led worship events. 

Small Groups

Small groups are a very important part of life at CCU. Small groups are formed at the beginning of the year and provide excellent opportunities for both spiritual growth and relationship building for all our students.  

Dorm Devos

Each Tuesday night, every floor in the dorms have devotional times organized by each floor’s Resident Assistant (RA). These devos are a great chance to interact and learn with the people on your floor or, occasionally, everyone in your dorm. 


Spiritual life at CCU is also developed throughout the classes offered on campus. The goal of each class is not only to learn the Bible and practical techniques of ministry, but to gain a heart for God and the call that He has given to every Christian to fulfill the Great Commission.  The professors here understand that for students to serve God to their fullest potential, they have to grow deeper in their spiritual lives through study, prayer, and interaction.

Student Activities Board

The Student Activities Board (SAB) is comprised of students who seek to grow community and improve the overall university experience by bringing fun and exciting events to the CCU Campus. SAB members are selected annually.

Student Governemnt

This group exists to promote a unified, healthy, and vibrant student body by providing CCU students with an active voice in campus issues & concerns. Members of each undergraduate class, the CALL program, and the Graduate School will be elected to serve for a year-long commitment.

Orientation Leaders

Orientation Leaders are upperclassmen who are selected annually to welcome new students into the CCU community by providing opportunities for growth through a wide variety of activities that meet the needs & interests of the CCU community.

Guidelines for Campus Organizations

All organizations and their members must maintain a standard of behavior that is consistent with the college’s standards of conduct and the mission statement of CCU, the Student Handbook and the Handbook for Student Organizations.

Every organization must complete a form that lists their members and advisor each year. Faculty/ Staff Advisors, approved by the Student Involvement Coordinator, are to be present at any college-approved event where students are present off campus.   All activities and fundraising efforts for the year must be approved and scheduled with the Student Involvement Coordinator. The university reserves the right to revoke the registration of any organization that does not abide by the guidelines for organizations.

Forming New Organizations

Additional campus organizations may be initiated by students. To start an organization an application must be obtained from the Office for Student Involvement. The group must secure an advisor who is a member of university faculty/staff, compile a list of members, and complete a Campus Organization Application.  When the application and the above information are received and approved by the Student Involvement Coordinator, the group becomes a fully authorized campus organization.