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Guidelines for Campus Organizations

All organizations and their members must maintain a standard of behavior that is consistent with the college’s standards of conduct and the mission statement of CCU, the Student Handbook and the Handbook for Student Organizations.

Every organization must complete a form that lists their members and advisor each year. Faculty/ Staff Advisors, approved by the Student Involvement Coordinator, are to be present at any college-approved event where students are present off campus.   All activities and fundraising efforts for the year must be approved and scheduled with the Student Involvement Coordinator. The university reserves the right to revoke the registration of any organization that does not abide by the guidelines for organizations.

Forming New Organizations

Additional campus organizations may be initiated by students. To start an organization an application must be obtained from the Office for Student Involvement. The group must secure an advisor who is a member of university faculty/staff, compile a list of members, and complete a Campus Organization Application.  When the application and the above information are received and approved by the Student Involvement Coordinator, the group becomes a fully authorized campus organization.