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Students can receive counseling free of charge at the CCU Counseling Center.  The Center is a training clinic staffed by advanced students in the Master of Arts in Counseling program.  Student counselors are fully supervised by licensed professional clinical counselors.  Medical and other off-campus professional referrals can also be made through the Center.  

Contact Information
CCU Counseling Center 
Hours of Operation
Monday- Wednesday: 9am- 9pm
Thursday: 9am- 4pm

Students are encouraged to contact the Counseling Center to deal with problems such as homesickness, depression, sleep disturbances, anxiety, inability to concentrate, grief, relationship issues, anger, sexual purity, and other impulse control problems, as well as other personal issues.  

An athletic trainer is available on campus during posted hours. The training room is located on the stage in the gymnasium.  The CCU Student Services Department also maintains a list of area Urgent Care facilities, hospitals, and other appropriate health care providers. Additionally, students can receive referrals to local physicians through the Student Services Department or the trainer.

Contact Information
Jordan Miller- Athletic Trainer

Every case of illness, accident, or other medical emergency should be reported to Safety & Security (513-244-8437). If a medical emergency is imminent call 911 immediately. 

The University is not responsible for providing emergency medical transport. The local rescue squad will be notified and the student may be transported via their medic units or by private ambulance. In less critical situations, students may opt to be transported by friends or family in a private car.

CCU is proud to offer two fitness facilities. These facilities can be used by CCU Students at no charge.

Weight Room

Our weight room is located on the lower level of Presidents Hall by the gym. Hours vary and are posted outside the facility.  

Fitness Center

Our fitness center is located on the first floor of Restoration Hall. This large facility includes miscelaneous machines and excersice tools. Students are encouraged to use our fitness center at any point during open campus hours.


Intramurals are available through the athletic department during both fall and spring semesters. Students are encouraged to take advantage of the opportunity to play a variety of sports.

Contact Information

Kellen Zawadski- Athletics Director
Phone: 513.244.8127